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Dove Prism
Dove prisms used for invert,or rotate an light or image based on the different face light incidence.
PHYO Dove Prism with coating option as request.

Spec Commercial High Precision
Material As required like H-K9L,BK7,FS As required like H-K9L,BK7,FS
Demension Tolerance +0.00/-0.20 +0.00/-0.10
90degree daviation tolerance 1-3arcmin 10/-10arcsec
45degree daviation tolerance 20/-20arcsec 3/-3arcsec
Flatness per 25mm@632.8nm L-L/2 L/4-L/8
Surface quality 60-40 40-20
Bevel 0.05-0.2 0.05-0.2
Coating AR, HR AR, HR
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