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Plano-Convex Lens
Plano-convex, a collimated light beam passing through the lens transfer to a spot behind the lens. we also called a positive or converging lens. The distance from the lens to the focal points(mentioned as spot) is the lens focal length, which is commonly abbreviated f in diagrams and equations, and normally we can mentioned in the specification as EFL. PHYO OPTICS supply Plano-Convex lens in N-BK7,Fused Silica,CaF2,SF11,H-BaK4,H-BaK7,etc

SpecificationCommercialHigh Precision
MaterialAs Required Schott,CDGM.etc.As required Schott, CDGM,etc.
Diameter Tolerance+0.00/-0.20mm+0.00/-0.05mm
Focual Length ToleranceTypical +/-5%@633nmTypical +/-2% @633nm
CentrationTypical <3arcminTypical <3arcmin
Surface Flatness@632.8nmL/4L/8
Surface Quality80-5040-20
CoatingAs required, with paint, Protection coating, high precision
 * Glued lens like Archromatic, triplet are still available
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