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OEM Designed Lens

OEM design of the lens, light high curvature or radius, mirror coating with holes inside. Special shape of the lens easy for the mounting in the optical system, etc. we welcome your contact with info@phyoptics.com with special designed drawings, we can evaluation here for manufacturing, or the ideas, so we can disucss for the design.

SpecificationCommercialHigh Precision
MaterialAs Required Schott,CDGM.etc.As required Schott, CDGM,etc.
Diameter Tolerance+0.00/-0.20mm+0.00/-0.05mm
Focual Length ToleranceTypical +/-5%@633nmTypical +/-2% @633nm
CentrationTypical <3arcminTypical <3arcmin
Surface Flatness@632.8nmL/4L/8
Surface Quality80-5040-20
CoatingAs required, with paint, Protection coating, high precision
 * Glued lens like Archromatic, triplet are still available
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