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Right Angle Prism Flat

With some special request, customer will need high precision polished right angle prisms surface as the flatness standard, PHYO OPTICS still supply the right angle prisms optical flats, stardard as the same of flatness from L/4 to L/20, due to the prisms surface, it must be with some grind surfaces for handling and testing process.

MaterialFused Silica, N-BK7, H-K9L, Corning HPFS
Size RangeUp to 250*250mm right angle prisms
Diameter Tolerance+0.1/-0.1
Thickness/ToleranceUp to 50mm +/-0.1
Angle Tolerance+/-30sec
PolishingCustomerized polishing surface
FlatnessUp to L/20 ( L/4, L/6, L/10 still available)
Surface quality60-40
ChamferProtection Chamfer
Clear Aperture95% of the surface
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