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Dielectric Coating

A dielectric mirror, is a type of mirror applied with multiple thin layers of dielectric material,different of the dielectric layers, can design an optical coating with specified reflective at different wavelengths. Dielectric mirrors are also used for ultra-high reflective mirrors. Considering the ultra-high reflective dielectric mirrors, normally applied on the super polished substrate, please refer to the Super Polishing for the 99.999% reflective rate Mirrors.


Substrate Material: H-K9L, N-BK7, Fused Silica,  or similar
Incident angle : 0°< AOI <45°
Designed Wavelength range : From 180nm to 2200nm, frequently used as the laser mirrors.
Normally : 98%< R < 99.8% of the reflective rate range. (R>99.999% ultra-high reflective mirrors,Please turn to Super Polishing)
Customized coating available for certain wavelength reflective coating.
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