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Laser Mirror

Laser mirrors specially need to consider the lose rate and the scratch resistant, including the reflective rate and the damage threshold of the coating still very important to the mirror quality. PHYO can offer high quality laser mirrors in many different types. 


Substrate Material: H-K9L, N-BK7, Fused Silica,  or similar
Thickness : >6mm
Surface quality: 10-5S/D
Flatness: L/10
RMS roughness: < 5-20nm
Incident angle : 0°< AOI <45°
Designed Wavelength range : From 180nm to 2200nm, frequently used as the laser mirrors.
Normally : 98%< R < 99.8% of the reflective rate range. (R>99.999% ultra-high reflective mirrors,Please turn to Super Polishing)
Damage Threshold: H>10 - 30J/cm2 @ 1064nm 11ns laser pulse at 10Hz.
Customized coating available for certain wavelength reflective coating.

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