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Broad band Beamsplitter

Partial Reflective Beamsplitter, the main function is to split the light into two, they can be prisms glued cube or single flat piece of optical glass coated with this kind of film. It can be single point or broad band of the light for beams splittering.  PHYO makes different Beam splitters including the PBS cubes as a polarized and dichroic coating.


Substrate Material: H-K9L, N-BK7, Fused Silica, B270, or similar
Cube or plates, prisms
Surface quality: 40-20S/D
Flatness: L/4
Incident angle : 0°< AOI <45°
Designed Wavelength range : 400-700nm, NIR,UV or certain wavelength as requested.
Coating: T:R=5:5,2:8,3:7,9:1 as traditional type, Special design request available.
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