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Super Polishing Substrate
Super Polishing, also known as Ultra-Smooth polishing of the optical surface, refers to the optical surface roughness RMS < 0.2-0.5nm (2-5Angstrom), which still high in flatness and surface quality, intergration crystal structure of the surface as well.  Due to the development of the X-ray optical system, Gyro system, High power laser, Laser Display,WDM industry,the super finishing optical components are highly demand. 

High power lasers, All-Solid-State Laser,Laser Display and Illumination, Inertial Navigation etc. 

Material Fused Silica, Zerodur, Sitall etc
Diameter Customized
Diameter Tolerance +0.0/-0.1 to -0.05mm
Thickness > 6mm 
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.1mm
RMS Roughness <0. 2-0.5nm ( 2-5 A°)
Surface Flatness L/10 to L/20
Surface Quality 10-5 S/D
Clear Aperture >90%

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