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Optical Flats
Optical flat: High accurate of the surface for single or both sides. Processed by the optical grade glass,used as a stardard for interferometer, to create the interference fringes by comparasion. Ideally used in laboratory interferometers or quality checking as the stardard. Mostly they are made from Fused Silica or BK7 optical glass, to make sure its long term thermal stability and accuracy. L/10-L/20 as the flatness as PhyO can reach for single sides or both sides polishing. Tiny protect chamfer and stardard surface quality.

Requirements Specification
Available Size 5mm-400mm in Diamter, thickness as required
Material N-BK7(H-K9L), Fused Silica
Surface Flatness@632.8nm L/10-L/20 over the CA Single or double sides
Surface Quality (S-D) 60-40 or 40-20
Chamfer 0.25*45Degree Protection Chamfer
Diamter Tolerance +0.00/-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance +/-0.5mm
Parallelism <20arcsec
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