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Within an optical system, many optical parts need to apply some combinative thin film layers on the substrate surface which enhance the transmission or reflection properties of the parts. The quality of the coating depends on the layers. PHYO OPTICS can apply the coating as: Anti-reflective (AR), High Reflective (HR), Partial Reflective (Beamsplitter), and Filter, polarizer and mirror coatings. With the state of art coating facilities, coating is the advantage area for the company. 

The PHYO Supply the coating types as follows:
1- Anti-Reflective Coating
2- Reflective Coating
3- Beamsplitter
4- Filter
5- OEM Special Coating

Gradient Coating
Gradient Coating
Fluorescence Filter in Bioscience
Fluorescence Filter in Bio…
Cut Filter
Cut Filter
Shortpass or bandpass filter
Shortpass or bandpass filt…

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